Following are our Programmes during this year :-
1. CHILD LABOUR ISSUES2. Partenership in health sector under national rural health mission

3. HIV / AIDS related activities

4. Total Sanitation Campaign

5. Targeted intervention project

6. Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre for the SAM children

7. Rehabilitation of manual scavenger

8. Rehabilitation of non school going children by providing educational and vocational support to them

9. Health services for urban health poor in partnership with SHSB

10. Survey and Documentation

11. Computer training and literacy programme

12. Health check up and adolescent camp

13. Plantation programme

14. Women empowerment

15. Consumer protection

16. Livelihoods through microfinance under SGSY

17. Road safety

18. Drug de-addiction

19. Vocational training & computer education

20. Flood relief programme

21. Blood donation camps

22. Residential bridge course – Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyan