Executive committee and Membership

Governing body of SRISHTI INTERNATIONAL consists of seven active and highly experienced and qualified social development professionals with three male and four female members. The three governing body members are full time active working executives of the organization. Governing body members are having 7 to 14 years experience in the development field with national and international exposures. All seven members are having hand in experience in working with government / donor  organizations. The geographical experiences of these members are eastern India. Hands on experiences of the GB members are in the field of elimination of malnutrition among children and mothers,  rehabilitation of child labour , Gender Equity, Community Health and Child Survival, Education , Sanitation, nutritional counseling, Advocacy for planned parenthood and Capacity building .

I am extremely pleased to present the annual report for the year 2010-11 along with audited annual accounts for the year ended on 31st March 2011. Credibility and the impact it makes on any programme.

Financial YearAmount (in Rs.)
2015 –16  1,41,27,292=00
2014 –15 2,46,77,762=00
2013 –141,55,86,112=00 
2012 –13 1,36,90,341=00